Common Errors in Documents Submitted

Debra Ming-Mendoza Recorder's Office

  •   Incorrect recording fees                                                                                                                                                                                                         Please see our fee schedule for updated recording costs.
  •    Incomplete legal description 
       A complete legal description includes a lot and block number, a subdivision name and the plat book and page.
       If the property is a tract of land, the legal description must have section, township and range numbers.

  • Missing or incomplete permanent parcel number 
    You can obtain your parcel number through the Maps and Plats department. You can also use the Madison County GIS web page.

  • Missing Plat Act Affidavit 
    Plat Act Affidavits are required on all deeds that are recorded in our county. You can find this form on the Madison County website under the Maps and Plats department’s forms and downloads. Please note that this form must be notarized.

  • Missing prepared by, return to or future taxes to name and address 
     All documents require a prepared by and return to name and address. Any document such as a deed that transfers
     property rights must include a "future taxes to" name and address.

  • Incorrect margins 
    Please see margin guidelines for proper format.

  • The Recorder's Office will make all reasonable efforts to return original documents submitted for recording.  Please be advised, documents not picked up from Will Call within 30 days or documents which are returned as undeliverable will be destroyed. Original DD-214 documents which are not retrieved will be given to Madison County Veteran’s Services.