Safety & Risk Management

The primary function of the Safety & Risk Management Department is to develop and implement safety programs and to assure that the liability risks of the County are favorably managed. The safety program includes policy development, employee training, work site inspections, maintaining OSHA standards and record keeping requirements. Damage to County property and employee accidents and injuries are reported to this Department for investigation, corrective action and the compilation of information for record keeping purposes. 

Because the County is a self-insured entity, this Department administers the general liability, auto liability and the workers compensation programs. This includes accident and damage investigation, claims administration, securing excess coverage, and recovery of losses when appropriate. Property insurance is acquired and managed through this Department.

The employee health benefits program is managed and related information disseminated by the Safety and Risk Management Department, including the purchase of excess insurance, claims administration services and the administration of Section 125 benefits. This Department promotes employee wellness through health fairs, testing and immunizations.

Mission Statement

The Department of Safety & Risk is responsible for the administration of employee benefit plans, wellness, workers' compensation claims, general liability claims and safety programs.