Anonymous Tip Line - (618) 296-3000

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To Report an Emergency call 911.
To talk with an officer or file a report call (618) 692-4433.

The Madison County Sheriff's Office has established an anonymous tip line. Although it is important for citizens to get involved in fighting crime, the Sheriff understands that some people are reluctant to identify themselves. The tip line has been used to report underage drinking parties which the police know can lead to tragic consequences without the proper intervention. Others have used the hot line to report information on crimes or suspects.

When a citizen calls the Anonymous Tip Line, they can leave information on a recorded voice mail system. The on duty Watch Commander checks the hot line frequently for recorded messages. Once a message has been received, the appropriate action is then taken.

To report an emergency or crime in progress, citizens should call 911. To talk with an officer or file a police report call (618) 692-4433.