Jail Division Frequently Asked Questions

What rules and regulations does the Madison County Jail have to follow?

How does a detainee know what the rules of the jail are?

Are there any materials that detainee's are not allowed to have?

Can I call the jail to have a message given to a detainee?

Can I find out a detainee's charge and bond by calling?

Can a detainee have a contact visit?

Does a detainee get to make phone calls?

Are there any educational opportunities available for a detainee in the Madison County Jail?

Are church services available for detainees?

Can a detainee purchase personal items in the jail?

Is a commissary available to detainees and how much can they spend?

How much money can a detainee have on his/her account while in jail?

Can one detainee give money to another detainee while in jail?