Detainee Mail

Incoming Mail:


Effective December 27, 2021, the Madison County Jail will no longer accept non-privileged (personal) mail sent to the jail.  Detainees will receive all non-privileged (personal) mail digitally through their jail issued tablets.

Any non privileged personal mail sent to the Madison County Jail postmarked on or after December 27, 2021, will be sent back to the sender.

Legal mail, magazines, newspapers, and books should still be mailed to the Madison County Jail as outlined below.

All personal mail from detainee's friends and family such as letters and drawings will be digitally delivered to our detainees by way of their tablet "Facility Messages" application in the free profile.  It will be accessible at no cost to the detainee.

Send Letters to:

Madison County Jail (Illinois)
Inmate Name, Sheriff ID#
PO BOX 247
Phoenix, MD 21131

Magazines and newspapers will only be allowed in the facility if sent directly to the detainee from the publisher, i.e., Alton Telegraph, Belleville News Democrat, New York Times, etc.  Up to two (2) Non pornographic magazines and/or those with non sexually suggestive content will be allowed for each detainee (If that limit is surpassed all extras will be put in the detainee's locker.)  

Effective January 1, 2022, books sent to the Madison County Jail for detainees MUST originate from Hamilton Books (  Books received from other distributors will NOT be accepted into the facility.  This includes anything received from Amazon, Walmart, or any other distributor.   

Outgoing Mail:

All mail will be free of gang graffiti and any other drawings on the envelope. If found it will be returned to sender. Detainees will not be allowed to correspond with another individual who is incarcerated in this or any other correction facility or detention center.

Privileged Mail:

All privileged mail will be free of any gang graffiti and any other drawings on the envelope. If found it will be returned to sender.

Outgoing privileged letters from detainees to authorized persons or organizations will be clearly marked "PRIVILEGED". Privileged mail may be sealed by the detainee prior to submission for mailing.

The Madison County Jail reserves the right to investigate the address and names of those listed on privileged mail to ensure the mail is in fact going to an authorized recipient.