Medical Information

General Guidelines for Medical Related Issues:

Detainee's requesting MENTAL HEALTH or MEDICAL TREATMENT can do so by requesting medical services utilizing a jail issued tablet.  In times of emergency the detainee can and is encouraged to notify a corrections officer immediately.   All requests for medical services and any subsequent treatment is handled directly by jail medical staff within our infirmary.   

The Madison County Jail contracts with Advanced Correctional Health (ACH) Inc.

Detainee's requesting to see a nurse will be charged $5.00. Detainees requesting to see the doctor will be charged $15.00.  The required fees will be deducted from the detainee's account.

All medication prescribed by the medical staff must be taken at the time prescribed and in the presence of the medical staff or a correctional officer.

Any detainee found in the possession of medication in his/her cell or on his/her person may be denied non life threatening medication and face disciplinary measures as outlined in the Madison County Jail Detainee Handbook

Only emergency dental, vision, and other specialties will be provided.