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Law Enforcement requires several levels of training to become proficient within the job. The Madison County Sheriff’s Office is dedicated to a high level of training. This begins with initial basic training required by the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board. The Sheriff’s Office then follows up with a rigorous field-training program conducted by certified Field Training Officers within the department.

Deputies continue to train throughout their career with annual in-service training. This training may be mandated by statute or prescribed by the Sheriff. Deputies also receive specialized training related to their assigned duties.

The Sheriff’s Office knows that one of its most valuable resources for training is the wealth of knowledge among its senior officers. Therefore training programs are developed to utilize supervisors and senior employees to assist subordinates in performing assigned tasks and familiarization of responsibilities, policies and the law.

The Office of Training Coordinator was established in 2003 for the purpose of organizing and coordinating the in-service training within the Madison County Sheriff’s Office. The Training Coordinator schedules training sessions using certified department trainers as well as outside training sources. He also maintains all the training records for the department and files reports to the Sheriff as directed.