District 10

Shawndell Williams is a first-time elected County Board member. She serves District 10, which includes Madison, Venice and a portion of Granite City.

Her goal is to be the connecter that links her district by becoming more involved in the decision-making process, which addresses the needs of families, the communities and the underserved youth. She wants to strengthen the communication between the county and the districts by working together in order to make improvements.

Shawndell believes those elected to serve should work with local leaders and the public to make sure information regarding grant funding and other resources are brought to their attention. As a member of the Grants and Government Relations committees, she hopes to assist with the communication. She also serves on the Sewer Facilities committees.

Shawndell holds an associate applied science in business management and a bachelor of arts in Theology. She works as a divisional volunteer manager for the Salvation Army Greater St. Louis Metropolitan Area and has more than 15 years of experience in policy and procedures.

She is also knowledgeable in federal, state and local laws for the protection of people, as well as writes guidelines for the protection of children, the elderly and vulnerable adults fighting addictions.

Her civic involvement includes FEMA volunteer management for donations, Emotional Spiritual Care for Emergency Disaster Services and Safe From Harm trainer for children and vulnerable adults. She also serves on the Salvation Army Advisory Council.

Shawndell’s personal mission is to see  justice is served for those who suffer from acts of violence. She is on the Save our Sons and Daughters committee, which is an organization that helps educate the public to the problem of teen violence and youth homicide.

Shawndell suffered and survived one of the most traumatic hardships of her life with the loss of her youngest son, Sean Williams, 18, in May 2020, when he was murdered in Granite City. There are no words Shawndell can express about the feelings of her murdered child other than she is thankful justice was served against her son’s killers.

Shawndell’s faith in God helps her get through her daily life and her motto is “to attract what she expects, be a reflection of what she desires, become what she respects and mirror what she admires.”