District 11

Dalton Gray serves District 11 in Troy. He was first appointed to the seat in May 2018 to fill the remaining seat of a board member who stepped down.

Dalton won the March 2018 primary for the seat and was elected later that year and re-elected for the second time in November 2022.

Dalton, who is a financial advisor with Edward Jones, believes in keeping taxes low and being fiscally conservative. His goals are to make sure Madison County government does this with common sense policies and fiscal discipline.

Dalton works to provide policies that represent everyone, not just partisan politics.

Dalton feels there is always room for improvement when it comes to how the county board conducts business. He believes there are responsibilities that come with being a civil servant and the board members need to make sure we are living up to them. He feels the board needs to be more proactive, innovative and creative in finding ways to save the taxpayers money.

Dalton said having an understanding of finances helps him in making decisions on the county board, especially when it comes to fiscal policies. He serves as chair of the Personnel and Labor Relations Committee. He also serves on the Executive, Finance, Government Operations and Education, and Government Relations committees.

Family is the cornerstone of both his personal life and business. He married his wife, Lisa, in 2020, and in 2021, they welcomed their first child.

Dalton said he finds his purpose in life by serving God and others. Whether it be in church, at home, the office or in the community, adding value to those around him is what provides meaning and satisfaction.