Citizens can now address the County Board at their regularly scheduled meetings (3rd Wednesday of each month at 5:00 pm in the County Board room), and at special meetings.

Procedure For Public Input At
County Board Meetings and Committees

  1. Fifteen minutes shall be set aside at the beginning of each County Board meeting and Committee for the purpose of allowing members of the public or county employees to make comments.

  2. Each speaker shall be allowed three minutes to address the Board or Committee.

  3. Although not required, anyone wishing to address the Board or a Committee may pre-register by filing a completed “Request To Address The Madison County Board and Committees" form, with the County Clerk’s Office no earlier than 48 hours prior to the scheduled meeting.  

  4. The County Board and Committee Chairperson will have the prerogative to determine the procedures to be followed in making presentations.  The order of the speakers during the meeting will be based on the order in which the request to speak was made whether in advance or at the meeting.

  5. All speakers will be required to address the Board or Committee from the designated location in the Boardroom, using a microphone if provided. 

  6. All public comments shall be made in person. Any written statements transmitted to the County Board, Committee or Clerk shall be treated as correspondence and will not be read aloud at a meeting. If any meeting is being held remotely due to a disaster declaration or as otherwise permitted by law, a telephone number or electronic link will be made available to the public and included on the agenda for use by the public when making comments during such meetings. 

  7. Speakers shall remain calm while making public comments. Speech that is profane or otherwise disruptive may warrant a verbal warning by the Chairperson. If not corrected, the speaker may then be asked to remove himself/herself from the meeting.

  8. Notwithstanding the foregoing, for public hearings before the Building and Zoning Committee, members of the public may utilize visual aids and committee shall allow any interested person to speak.