County Board

Kurt Prenzler, CPA
Madison County Board Chairman

157 North Main St., Ste. 165, Edwardsville, IL 62025-1963
(618) 296-4341 

Madison County is organized under the township form of County government.  The County is divided into 29 County Board Districts with closely equal populations.  Each district elects one member to the County Board.  The Madison County Board functions as the legislative branch of the County Government and is responsible for adopting all ordinances for the governance of Madison County, approves the County budget and levies taxes.

The County Board Chairman presides over the meetings of the County Board and appoints Board members to serve on the standing committees of the Board.  These committees maintain an informed relationship with the departments and offices under their oversight.  The Chairman of each committee regularly reports to the Board Chairman and the full Board on the operations of their respective departments.  The committees study issues within their areas of responsibility that are assigned to them by the Chairman and submit recommendations and resolutions to the full Board for action.

The Chairman-Pro Tem is appointed by the Chairman with the advice and consent of the Board and presides over Board meetings in the absence of the Chairman. 

The County Board passes all ordinances, rules and regulations to implement the powers granted to counties.  The Board approves all contracts and expenditures, and does all other acts necessary to exercise the corporate powers of the County.  It has the authority to levy taxes for the support of County Government operations.  The Board has the task of reviewing and adopting the County’s annual budget submitted by the County Board Chairman.  It purchases and maintains all real and personal property owned by the County.  The Board also approves and supervises the use of all federal and state grants.