Boards and Commissions Appointed

Dear Taxpayers,

Transparency is about information. It’s about the ability for the public to have full access to the information he or she wants, not just the information an agency is willing to provide.

Government should be transparent. It promotes accountability and provides information to citizens about what their government is doing. 

Government should be participatory. Public engagement enhances the government’s effectiveness and improves the quality of decisions.

Government should be collaborative. Collaboration engages people in the work of their government.

Our goal is to provide you the information. 

These appointed boards are important. The individuals on these boards levy nearly $10 million in property taxes and govern additional millions collected through sales tax and user fees. The public has a right to know who these people are and what they do.

The Madison County Clerk's Office, Illinois State Comptroller, Illinois Department of Revenue and Illinois Compile Statues provided information about the boards and commissions.


Kurt Prenzler, CPA
Madison County Board

Information for the positions, boards and commissions was obtained through Freedom of Information from Madison County, the state of Illinois, Illinois State Comptroller, and Illinois Department of Revenue. 

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