Welcome to Madison County Government!

Congratulations on your employment with Madison County Government!  This page is intended to assist you during your first few weeks with Madison County and provide you with the information you need to start your new career off right.  Please review all applicable information below.

Madison County Personnel Policy Handbook- Please review to understand all County Personnel Policies.

Health, Dental, and Vision Benefits

  • Eligible Employees must enroll or waive benefits in Paycom Self Service within 31 days of hire date.  (Preferably within the first 10 days of employment) 
  • If you make a timely enrollment, your medical, dental and vision coverage becomes effective on the 1st of the month following 30 days of employment.  For example, if you are hired on July 5th, your medical, dental and vision elections are effective on September 1st.
  • If you miss your window to enroll as a new employee, open enrollment is held in early October and allows you to enroll, revoke or change your benefit elections.  The elections made during the October open enrollment, become effective on December 1st.
  • If you experience a qualifying event/family status change during the year, you may request a mid-year benefits change in Paycom Self Service.  The request must be timely, within 31 days for most events, and documentation is required.  The request will be reviewed and a mid-year benefit change may be approved.  Examples of qualifying events include marriage, birth of a child, and loss of other coverage.   

Health Care and Dependent Care Flexible Spending Accounts*

  • Eligible employees can have pre-tax deductions withheld from each paycheck to use for qualified Health Care expenses or for Dependent Care expenses.
  • Enrollment is Optional.  Enroll through Paycom Self Service if desired.

Health Savings Account (HSA)*- Only if enrolling in the High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP/HSA)

  • Eligible employees can have pre-tax deductions withheld from each paycheck to use for qualified Health Care expenses.
  • Complete and return HSA Application to Safety & Risk Management. *Required for HDHP enrollees
  • To add pre-tax payroll deduction, complete and return HSA Payroll Deduction Form to Safety & Risk Management or enroll through the Benefits section in Employee Self Service. (Optional)

*The employee medical plans are managed through the Safety and Risk Management Department.  For contact information please click here.

Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund (IMRF) - Retirement / Disability / Death Benefits- www.imrf.org

  • Defined benefit plan. All new hires expected to work 1,000 or more hours will be automatically enrolled in IMRF (excluding Regional Office of Education certified staff who will be enrolled in TRS).
  • Employees contribute 4.5% (7.5% for Sheriff Law Enforcement Personnel) of gross pay.
  • A Voluntary Additional Contributions (VAC) account is also offered.  Contribute up to an additional 10% of earnings to boost your retirement savings.  The VAC account earns a fixed rate of return. (7.25% current rate eff. 2019) The fixed return is deposited into the account at the end of the year based on your beginning of year balance.  (i.e. 12/31/2020 interest is based on 1/1/2020 account balance.  Unlike the regular required IMRF contributions, the employer does not contribute to the VAC account.  VAC contributions are not tax-deferred.
    • Enrollment and changes can be made through the Benefits section in Employee Self Service at any time during employment.
  • Go to www.imrf.org to create a user account. (Recommended after you receive your IMRF packet in the mail)

Nationwide 457(b) Deferred Compensation and Roth Retirement Plans

Teachers’ Retirement System (TRS) 

  • Defined benefit retirement plan for certified education employees of the Regional Superintendent of Schools. 
  • Employees contribute 9.0% (10.64% for 9-month employees) of gross pay.  It is recommended for all TRS participants to create a Member Access Account.

Bright Start- Illinois’ 529 College Savings Plan

  • You can enroll at any time with a $10/pay minimum
  • Save for anyone (self, child, spouse, friend, etc.)
  • Assets grow federal and state tax free, may qualify for Illinois state tax deduction
  • Withdraw money federal and state tax free to pay for qualified educational expenses
  • Visit www.brightstartsavings.com to begin saving. (Optional)

NCPERS - Group Decreasing Term Life Insurance

  • All IMRF and SLEP participating members are eligible.  TRS participating members are not eligible.
  • You must enroll within 90 days of your hire date or during annual open enrollment period (approx. November)
  • $16/month
  • If you cease to be an IMRF participant you can convert your Group Decreasing Term Life Insurance to a Prudential individual life policy within 31 days following termination of insurance. Dependent spouse or domestic partner ($16 plan only) term life coverage can also be converted if you cease to be an IMRF participant or you die.
  • Members under 50:
    • Provides a substantial benefit- an easy way to supplement pension survivor benefits during the early family-building years when pension plan survivor benefits are lower and your family’s needs are greater.
  • Members over 50:
    • Provides a good way to help cover incidental expenses associated with death, like those for burial, medical, and debt, so other life insurance coverage’s can be used to maintain your family’s lifestyle.
  • If you would like to enroll, make your election via Paycom Employee Self Service.  Access instructions by clicking on the Paycom Self Service Instructions.  

UNUM Supplemental Group Accident and Critical Illness Insurance

  • Annual Open Enrollment occurs in October.
  • UNUM ACCIDENT: The reality is, accidents do happen and most occur close to home. Are you prepared for the extra expenses that result from a sudden accident? This plan provides cash and covers a wide range of off job accident-related injuries.
  • UNUM CRITICAL ILLNESS (CI): Any serious life threatening disease can be physically, emotionally and financially devastating. Expenses associated with loss of income, rehabilitation, health care, and general family disruption can add up quickly. This benefit pays a lump sum if you are diagnosed with a covered condition.  It can help you worry less about expenses so you can focus on your recovery. The plan also provides a wellness benefit that pays $100 per person each year when the member has one of 26 qualifying health screening exams.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) (618) 798-3667

  • The Employee Assistance Program offers an opportunity to obtain short term counseling for yourself and your family members.
  • There is no cost, no co-pay for this confidential counseling.
  • The EAP counselor will help you determine causes of stress in your life, offer guidance and support in resolving the problem, or help you focus on improving your coping skills.

LocalGovU.com is our Learning Management System (LMS) used for employee training.  Within the first two weeks of employment, you should get an email with a link to setup your account.  You will be required to complete annual Anti-Harassment, Ethics, and I.T. Security Awareness trainings and additional trainings as requested by your department and/or the County Administration.  Click here for additional details on using our LMS.

FFCRA and COVID-19 Information

Collective Bargaining Agreements