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Not certain where to begin?  Use this page to assist you in answering some frequently asked questions and to navigate to more information on a topic. 

Government Transparency:
Transparency promotes accountability and provides useful information about County Government to our taxpayers.  The use of web resources also allows us to make information available rapidly to taxpayers and to those who do business with Madison County Government.
Address the County Board:
What do I need to do to address the County Board

Animal Care and Control:
What is my fee?  To pay correct animal care and control fees please call 618-692-1700

Building Permits & Inspections
Building codes are necessary to ensure the safe construction and occupancy of buildings. Prior to commencing construction, a contractor is required to apply for a building permit and submit plans of the proposed project.

Building permits must be applied for in person at the Planning & Development Department counter. Additional questions contact or visit website:
Building & Zoning Department
157 N. Main Street Suite 254
Edwardsville, Illinois
Phone: (618) 296-4468
Fax: (618) 692-8982
Email: zoning@co.madison.il.us   or visit Planning & Development   Website 

Business Name Registration:  
WHO MUST FILE: Anyone using a name (other than his/her own personal name, i.e. John Doe or Sally Smith) for his/her business.  Note:  By adding any word to your own personal name constitutes an assumed name (i.e. John Doe Company or Sally Smith Computer Service).

Court Record Search:
To find a status or judgment on a court case click here to search court records by either name or case number.

Circuit Court Schedule:
The Circuit Court schedule is available for viewing.  The schedule is updated on Tuesday and Friday mornings.

Interested in elections held in the County and how to participate? The County Clerk's website is designed to help the community access information and services concerning voters, candidates, and elections. 

Are you looking for a list of Foreclosures?  Visit the website https://tjsc.com 

Freedom Of Information Act:
What is the Freedom Of Information Act FOIA?  It is often described as the law that keeps citizens in the know about their government. Under the FOIA, agencies must disclose any information that is requested – unless that information is protected from public disclosure.

Jury Duty:
Have you been selected for Jury Duty and have questions?  The Jury Commission website is informative and answers many common questions about Jury Duty.  There is also the capabilities to allow you to complete and submit the questionnaire electronically.

Legal Help or Questions: 
Do you need legal assistance and not sure where to turn?  The Circuit Court has available a staffed Self-Help Center that can provide you with computer access, available forms and other court and legal related resources.

Passport Information:
Preparing for a trip and need to apply or renew a passport?  The Circuit Clerk's office is equipped to assist you in applying for a passport.

Property & Tax Payment:
Looking for detailed information on some property?  Available through the Treasurer's office is the online ability to do property searches by Parcel ID, Name and many other search criteria's.  Click Here to begin searching now.

Property Deeds
Interested in obtaining a copy of a property deed, mortgage or release of mortgage?  The Recorder's office can assist you with these requests and answer commonly asked questions on "What information do I need to obtain a copy of my deed?" or "How to change the name of your deed?".

Real Estate Assessment, Appeals and Exemptions:
Plagued with questions surrounding your real estate taxes?  We recommend you begin your inquiry with the Chief County Assessment's Office published FAQs.
Records Maintained:
Wondering what other records of interest are available in the Madison County Recorder's Office?

 Would you like to pay your taxes online or learn more about the Treasurer's office?  Visit the Madison County Treasurer's  web page to get more information.

Traffic Ticket Payment:
I have a traffic ticket that I'd like to pay, what are my options?  If your traffic ticket states "No Court Appearance Required," you can follow the steps outlined here to pay your fine and avoid a court appearance.

Vital Records - Birth-Death-Marriage License:
Where would I go to get a copy of a certificate or License?  The County Clerk’s office is responsible for Maintaining records of the County's vital statistics and records including birth, death and marriage certificates. 

Voter's Registration:
Do you want to vote and need to register, change your address or perhaps you want to learn where to go vote?  The County Clerk can answer these questions and more.

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