Madison County Tax Exemptions Available

Jan. 4, 2018
For Immediate Release

Madison County Tax Exemptions Available 

EDWARDSVILLE — Want to lower your property tax bill? Then don’t forget to apply for your annual exemptions. 

Chief County Assessment Officer Joe Dauderman said the 2018 renewal notices are being mailed to homeowners for the following homestead exemptions — Persons with Disabilities, Veterans with Disabilities, Senior Citizens and Senior Freeze. 

“We want to remind homeowners that each of these exemptions requires an annual renewal,” Dauderman said. 

He said eligibility requirements for all exemptions can reviewed online as well as printed forms at

* Disabled Persons Homestead Exemption — $2,000
Same requirements as the General Homestead exemption, plus Class 2 or 2a state disabled ID card or proof of social security benefits which includes an awards letter.  No age requirement but name must be on the deed

* Disabled Veteran — between $2,500 and $5,00
Requirements: Veterans with a disability of 30 to 49 percent will receive a $2,500 annual exemption. Those between 50 to 69 percent will qualify for a $5,000 yearly exemption and wounded veterans with 70 percent or more will be exempt from property tax payments.

* General Senior Homestead — $5,000
Same requirements as the general Homestead exemption, plus must be 65 years of age or older

* Senior Freeze — Varies (please note the freeze does not freeze your taxes-it freezes your assessed value)
Requirements:  Property owner, principle residence, responsible for the payment of property taxes, plus 65 years of age or older and total household income must be below $65,000. A copy of your filed income tax and social security benefit statement is required. If you do not file income tax, bring all income related statements with you.

Dauderman said completed forms can be mailed to or dropped off at local Township Assessors’ or Chief County Assessor’s offices.

For more information or for help contact your local Township Assessors’, the Chief County Assessors Officer at 618-296-4569 or the Veterans Assistance Commission at 618-296-4554.