Madison County creates coronavirus resources site

Coronavirus Resources
March 27, 2020

Madison County creates coronavirus resources 

WOOD RIVER — Madison County officials want the public to know where to find credible information on coronavirus. 

“There are a lot of rumors out there and people need to have reliable information that they can trust,” Health Department Director Toni Corona said.  “We urge our residents to stay informed through public health sites for your local and state health departments and the CDC.” 

Corona said the Health Department wants to help dispel myths and ensure accurate information to help ease fears and reduce chaos. 

“This is a rapidly evolving situation and we understand that people are scared, confused and have been asked to make huge sacrifices,” she said. “All the more reason to focus on public health messages for guidance, instructions and reassurance.” 

The Health Department has created a Coronavirus Resources page on its website to provide information and resources for the public to help answer questions and provide tips to the community. The new page also includes information and guidance for businesses and organizations in the community. 

Categories are about everything from hygiene and social distancing to food service, child care, large business guidance, funeral homes, oral health, volunteer opportunities, veterans services, mental health, employment and training and more. 

The public can click on the Subscribe button to receive notifications when the new page is updated.  

Visit to explore the new Coronavirus Resources page and follow the Madison County Health Department on Facebook  and Twitter @MadisonCHD.

Also visit the county’s website at for daily updates on COVID-19.