Madison County to start holding meetings in-person again

June 26, 2020

Madison County to start holding meetings in-person again in July 

EDWARDSVILLE — Madison County will hold in-person meetings again starting Thursday. 

“Starting in July, our plan is to host our committee and board meetings in person again,” Chairman Kurt Prenzler said. “If we are asking employees to return to work then those elected by the people should also return.” 

The Judiciary Committee is scheduled to hold the first meeting at 8:30 a.m., Thursday, July 2 in the County Board Room. 

Prenzler said that although there were employees who worked remotely in the early phases of the crisis, the majority have returned to county buildings. 

“The county board room will be set up for social distancing, but there will only be room for a limited number of people,” Prenzler said. 

The County Board meets on the third Wednesday of each month and committee meetings are held at various times throughout the month. The board and committee members have assigned seating areas, whereas everyone else will be required to sit in the in the gallery seating. 

Due to social distancing restrictions and the number of people who can attend, the county will continue its live streaming on Twitch at Public comments for committees must be received 24 hours in advance at

Prenzler said as long as there is space available to maintain social distancing members of the public would be allowed to attend meetings. 

“People with health issues or concerns should not come, but they can still listen remotely,” Prenzler said.