Dettmers Named MadCo Economic Development Specialist


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Leah Dettmers Named County Economic Development Specialist

EDWARDSVILLE, July 9, 2015 – Madison County Chairman Alan J. Dunstan has announced the promotion of Leah Dettmers to Economic Development Specialist, a new position. Dettmers was serving as the Madison County Sustainability Coordinator in the Planning & Development department.

Dettmers will report to Chairman Dunstan and Frank Miles, administrator of the Madison County Community Development department. She will be responsible for the identification, administration and coordination of economic development programs in Madison County. Dettmers will also work with developers to determine project feasibility and eligibility, and will be responsible for coordinating the county’s economic development efforts in agriculture, tourism and transportation, among others.

"The transition of Leah (Dettmers) to the county’s economic development team is part of the increased emphasis on economic development in Madison County," Dunstan said.

"Following the difficult years of the recession, we are seeing steady increases in new construction, unemployment has dropped to right at five percent and corporations are again looking at growth opportunities," the chairman stated. "Now is the time to aggressively pursue economic development in Madison County."

"Leah will join with Frank Miles’ team to identify and facilitate new development and, ultimately, jobs for Madison County residents," Dunstan continued. "Leah has successfully handled every task assigned to her during her career in public service, and I am confident she will excel in her new position."

Dettmers brings to her new position more than 10 years of experience working with industry, government and nonprofits. Her background includes program development, budget management, project and event coordination, presentations, and program management and evaluation.

During her tenure as Madison County Sustainability Coordinator, Dettmers developed and implemented the county’s sustainability program which annually generates in excess of $3.5 million. The county utilizes those funds to issue sustainability grants to local governments and parks for infrastructure improvements and energy efficiency programs.

"As directed by the chairman and members of the county board, we are no longer merely reacting to potential development opportunities, we are aggressively working for the economic development of Madison County," stated Miles. "Leah (Dettmers) is a perfect addition to help take economic development in the county to the next level."

"Leah has relationships with key players in the business community, she has the skills to position our county for success, she is a consummate professional and is passionate about her work and about Madison County," Miles said. "We are thrilled to welcome Leah to the Madison County Economic Development Team."

Dettmers graduated cum laude from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE) with a B.S. degree in Organizational Development / Public Relations. She also earned a M.A. in Organizational Development from SIUE
Leah DettmersLeah Dettmers