About Madison County

Madison County MapMadison County, Illinois was established and named for President James Madison in September 1812.  The county seat and third oldest city in Illinois is Edwardsville.    

The rich history includes the departure of William Clark and his troops from Camp Dubois (Wood River), to join John Meriwether Lewis in 1804.  Lincoln-Douglas debate held October 15, 1858 in Alton, IL and history of  the American Civil-War is predominant within the county's legacy.  You can find online transcribed Slave Emancipation Registers dated 1820-1860.  A well known icon is The Gentle Giant, Robert Pershing Wadlow  born 1918 and raised in Alton.  The politician and author Paul Martin Simon was a resident of Troy, IL for 25 years. 

Present day you will find 100s of miles of developed biking and hiking trails for your enjoyment.  The nationally recognized university, Southern Illinois University - Edwardsville (SIUE) prepares nearly 14,000 students a year for thriving careers in many fields including dentistry (DMD) and pharmacy (PharmD).

The county is bordered on the west by the Mississippi River which makes for a scenic backdrop for those living and traveling the area.  Just a short drive across the Mississippi River with major interstate and highway accessibility sits St. Louis, Missouri.