Utility Failure

Power Outage Preparedness from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

What you need to know when the Power Goes Out Unexpectedly: 
General information; Food and water safety, carbon monoxide, power line hazards.

Summertime Blackouts: 
Who is at risk, CDC recommendations…

Worker Safety in a Power Outage: 
Preventing electrocutions by undetected feedback electrical energy…

Electrical Safety and Generators: 
Preventing electrocutions associated with generators plugged into household circuits…

NIOSH Electrical Safety: 
Publications on electrical safety.

Worker Safety in Storm and Flood Cleanup: 
Information provided by CDC's NIOSH on work-related hazards such as electrical hazards, carbon monoxide, musculoskeletal hazards, heat stress, motor vehicles, hazardous materials, fire, confined spaces, falls.

Utility Company Contacts