Madison County approves labor agreement with Teamsters Union

March 21, 2018

Madison County approves labor agreement with Teamsters Union 

EDWARDSVILLE — The Madison County Board approved a labor agreement Wednesday night with the Teamsters Local Union No. 525 giving wage increases and separating the Highway and Animal Control departments. 

The board voted 26 to 1, with Lisa Ciampoli opting against it. Board members Ann Gorman and Jim Dodd were absent. 

Most of the changes in the three-year agreements had to do with language and standardizing terms to match other county employee contracts. But the major changes came down to the separation of the agreement between the two departments. 

“Historically, there has been one contract, but the decision to split the departments came down to a vote by the members,” Chairman Kurt Prenzler said. 

The agreement for the departments expired on Nov. 30, 2017 and employees continued to work under the old contract while county and union officials negotiated a new deal. 

Prenzler said the agreement was a good deal for the county. 

County Board member Tom McRae, Bethalto, who also chairs the Transportation Committee, agreed. 

 “I’m pleased the County arrived at a compromise that was fair to the employees and the taxpayers in Madison County,” McRae said. 

The labor agreement for the Highway Department included a $.50 cent per hour per year pay increase for its 28 employees. Hourly wages starting Dec. 1, 2017 range from $27.72 for a laborer; $28.66, Chauffeur; $29.72, operator; and $30.57 for a mechanic. 

Animal Control received a 1 percent per year increase for its six officers, costing around $21,151 during the contract period. 

Employees in both departments will no longer receive a higher wage for working part of a day in higher classification. Animal Control will no longer get a $1 per hour increase for working a “special shift.” 

Other matters contained in the agreement include:

  • Holiday leave to be changed to the same as American Federation of State, Federal and Municipal Employees employee contracts.
  • The county’s health insurance contribution rates lowered from $346.10 per week to

2017/18 — $316.90 (not to exceed)
2018/19 — $335.90
2019/20 — $369.50

  • Decreased sick leave allotment for employees from 18 days to 16
  • Increased personal days from three to four
  • Highway Department work hours will continue to be on a flexible schedule, with a 24-hour notice to change
  • Animal Control officers will receive “on-call” pay

Employees in both departments receive full family health care coverage through the Teamsters Central States Southeast Areas Health and Welfare Fund. The annual employee cost for benefits will be between $16,478 to $19,214 during the next three years. 

Negotiations started in early December 2017 and the contract will be retroactive to Nov. 30, 2017. 

Prenzler said currently employees with the Madison County Sheriff’s Department are in negotiations as well. 

The Sheriff’s Department employs 165 people and of those there are 136 covered by the Policemen’s Benevolent and Protective Association Labor Committee agreement, which includes deputies, communications officers, sergeants, lieutenants and captains in both the administration/patrol division and jail.  The remainder of the employees are covered by an AFSME agreement.