Madison County's Board of Health voted to allow businesses to reopen

May 12, 2020

Madison County’s Board of Health voted to allow businesses to reopen 

EDWARDSVILLE — Madison County is back open for business. 

The Board of Health voted, 26-2, to allow businesses and places of worship to reopen starting Wednesday, that takes place in four phases. 

“This bi-partisan resolution expresses the confidence the Board of Health has in businesses to open in a safe and reasonable manner,” Chairman Kurt Prenzler said. 

Prenzler said by passing the resolution it’s giving business owners and residents a choice — a choice in freedom. 

“We want to balance the goals of public health, our economy and jobs and our constitutional rights,” he said. “We understand these are hard times, but we also understand there is a need to support the financial health of our communities, the business owners and their families.” 

The resolution recommends guidelines for the responsible reopening of businesses, organizations and churches. The resolution makes no comment or opinion on insurability or licensure of any individual or business. 


 Madison County Re-Open Resolution

 Madison County Re-Open Guidelines